Independent American Party


Pro- Family
Pro-Religious Worship
Pro- Small Government


We, Independent Americans of the United States,  love our God, our families, our country, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and solemnly do proclaim:

1.  Christian Foundation-  We believe that Jesus Christ is the God of our land; that we are fundamentally a Christian nation; and that only by faith in and obedience to God will we preserve this great nation.

2.  Family-  We believe the family is the moral foundation of our society; that traditional family values are the strength of our nation; and that Christian morality is the key to strong homes in America.

3.  Patriotism-  We believe that patriotism, civic duty, morality and good character are essential to personal liberty and responsibility in America.

4.  God-given Rights-  We believe that God has endowed men with certain unalienable rights, such as life, liberty and property; that these rights are guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; and that it is the sole function of government to protect these rights.

5.  Education-  We believe that Christian principles originally were the foundation of our educational system; and that they should again be made the center of American education.

6.  Economy-  We believe that "free enterprise" is the best economic system for America; that taxation should be limited to those methods provided for in the original Constitution; and that our nation must return to a debt-free money system in accordance with the Constitution.

7. Society-    We believe that government has no Constitutional authority to convert to socialism; that state and local governments have the right and moral obligation to discourage drug and alcohol use and gambling in their jurisdictions; and that the safety of law-abiding citizens must take precedence over the rights of criminals.

8.  Natural Resources-  We believe protection of the environment should be a state responsibility; that there must be a dynamic balance between energy development and conservation; and that there are safe and inexpensive alternative energy sources that should be developed. We believe that ANWAR should be open for energy exploration.

9.  U.S. Constitution-  We believe that the Constitution of the United States of America was prepared and adopted by men under inspiration from Almighty God; that it is a solemn compact created by the people of the states of this nation; and that it was made only for a moral and religious people. We believe that, in principle and intent, the Bill of Rights is part of the original Constitution.

10.  Government-  We believe that the sole function of government is to protect life, liberty and property; that the federal government is an agent of the states and the people; and that each state is sovereign in performing those functions reserved to it by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

11.  National Defense-  We believe that a strong defense establishment is essential to the preservation of our nation; that America must not commit its military nor firepower to any international organization; and that no foreign military bases should be allowed on American soil.

12.  U.S. Sovereignty-  We believe that a sovereign United States is necessary to maintain our freedom and way of life; that we must withdraw from all international agreements that diminish our independence; and that we must resist all efforts to draw us into the new world order.

We claim that our Christian foundation, the traditional family values, patriotism, and our God-given, unalienable rights are under attack; that our educational, economic and social institutions, and use of natural resources, have been perverted by those who would destroy our way of life; and that our Constitution, republican form of government, national security, and national sovereignty are hanging by a thread.

We declare that the Independent American Party is the only political institution that embraces the principles necessary for the restoration of our traditional way of life. We, therefore, present this Platform as a guideline to our beliefs and strategies for preserving our nation and our freedom, for ourselves and for our posterity.



We honor and recognize the Creator as the giver of our rights and liberties (Declaration of Independence). We believe that to maintain freedom, our political institutions must be founded upon faith in God and upon moral law. (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson)

We believe that religion is basic to good government. We believe in keeping religion in government, while keeping government out of religion.

We affirm that the Constitution makes no reference to "separation of church and state." We support the original meaning and intent of Jefferson's separation of church and state, which prohibits the government from establishing a national religion (e.g., Church of the U.S.), and prohibits government intrusion into religion. We maintain that government has violated both intents by its nationwide promotion of Secular Humanism (declared by court decree as a religion), and by court decisions which limit the free exercise of religion.

We fully support the first official Presidential Proclamation issued in the United States: " is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will... that we may unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations... [and] to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue..." (George Washington, October 3, 1789).

Christian Nation

We acknowledge that America is historically and demographically a Christian nation tolerant of all religions. We hold that deeming our Constitution as a Christian and religious document is the strongest defense in preserving all God-given and Constitutional rights, and the rights of all religions.

We believe the First Amendment protects the right to publicly acknowledge God, pray, read the Bible, display the Ten Commandments, etc. in all public buildings, and to freely exercise our various religions, without government interference.

We recognize the Bible (America's first school textbook) as the primary source of principles upon which our laws and Constitution are founded.

We fully support our national motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" and oppose any efforts to remove it from our coins and currency. We oppose removing the name God, or references to Him, from buildings, songs, historical documents, or from the Pledge of Allegiance.


We oppose Secular Humanism, paganism and Satan worship, not in terms of freedom of speech, nor as an attack on religious beliefs, but in terms of the ultimate negative impact upon families, communities, the survival of our Nation, and the erosion of those principles and values which have made this Country great.


Traditional Family

We recognize that the traditional family unit, not the government, is best suited to promote character development, the advancement of morality, education, integrity, honor, personal responsibility, patriotism, citizenship, service, respect and tolerance for differences in religion, race, and culture.

We recognize that marriage is meant to be a lawful union of one man and one woman. We encourage laws which strengthen and support the traditional family and its values. We support the parents' fundamental right and responsibility to nurture, educate, and discipline their children. We affirm the rights and duties of families in the care of their elderly and disabled members. Assumption of any of these responsibilities by any government agency usurps the fundamental right of families.

We oppose the intrusion into the family by any government agency unless absolutely necessary to protect children or adults from truly abusive situations. Even in these situations, due process must be accorded all parties involved. We maintain that there should be no presumption of guilt based on "anonymous" tips, and that those accused must have their Constitutional right honored to face their accusers in a court of law. The regulation of child care is not a legitimate function of government, but is an unconstitutional intrusion into the private affairs of American families.


We favor voluntary promotion of moral values in the entertainment media, including the internet, television, radio, music, motion pictures, reading material, etc. We favor the promotion, by schools, the media and clergy, of abstinence from non-marital sex.

We oppose homosexuality, same-sex marriages, sexual exploitation of children, fornication, incest, bestiality, sodomy, adultery, pornography, etc., and deem them threats to traditional family values and as abominations to the Creator.

We see perversion and immorality as the primary cause behind the fall of all great nations. We maintain that people engaging in acts of homosexuality have no special legal rights or privileges, and those living in such relationships have no legal familial rights or privileges, such as adoption of children and legitimacy of marriage.

We support legislation that protects the family from mounting influences which weaken the family unit. While respecting individual rights and agency, we oppose legitimizing immorality. Neither Congress nor the federal courts should infringe upon the rights of state and local governments to enact constitutional laws restricting public obscenity, pornography, and illicit sex acts, especially prostitution and homosexuality. We oppose the use of tax dollars to finance immoral art, literature, speech or actions. We support the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts.



We consider patriotism as a manifestation of how we express our love for this great country, its ideals and potentials in protecting and preserving our Constitution, freedom, all other fundamental rights and heritage for our family and posterity.

We maintain that the need and urgency for active patriotism on a national scale are even greater today than in the battle for our rights, freedoms, and independence from Great Britain, or in any war since then.

We advocate involvement by each citizen to protect our heritage, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and our national sovereignty and independence which are each under severe legislative and political attack. (With today's escalation in government tyranny, we are less free, more heavily taxed, and governed worse than our ancestors while under British rule.)

We affirm that patriotism does not mean blind submission to government, but rather vigilant action in the preservation and perpetuation of our rights and liberties against government infringement, and against those in or out of government attempting to pervert or overthrow our Constitution and national independence.

Since the American flag is the symbol of our freedom and the sacrifice of countless Americans, we strongly oppose any desecration of the flag.

Civic Duty

We favor community service, civic and political involvement, and an understanding of the Constitution.

We consider it the duty of every American to inform self and others of the domestic enemies to freedom, to sound the alert, and to stand up for America while freedom can still be preserved.

We maintain that it is the civic duty of all Americans to be vocal and vigilant in returning the size and powers of the federal government to the limits of the Constitution, and in restoring all rights and powers belonging to the states and to the people.

We favor informed and responsible voting. We also hold that continuing to vote the way we have will only perpetuate the same corruption, advance the overthrow of our Constitution, and guarantee U.S. surrender of all rights, liberties and national independence to the tyranny, and despotism of the UN and the controls of economic globalists in the new world order.

We assert that it is our patriotic and protected civic duty, when the government becomes destructive of our rights and liberties, to alter or replace that form of government by Constitutional means.



We affirm that life begins at conception, and that the fetus is a human being with the same unalienable rights as all mankind. We are opposed to abortion with rare exceptions. We are opposed to partial-birth abortion, which is clearly infanticide. We advocate the security and protection of all human life, including the unborn, disabled, infirm, and aged. We oppose cloning of human life. We oppose the distribution and use of all abortion-type pharmaceuticals.

The paramount responsibility of our government is to protect the life and all other rights of each person within its jurisdiction. We oppose government funding and support, at any level, of any organization or entity, foreign or domestic, which advocates, encourages or participates in the practice of abortion.


We claim the inherent and individual right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, is fundamental to safeguard life, liberty, and property, to discourage and defend against tyranny, and to preserve the security and independence of person, state and nation.

We support the religious liberties of all people and of all religious persuasions. We support the rights of private organizations to determine their own membership, volunteers, and employment based on their oaths and creeds.

We oppose legislation that allows the federal government to suspend our Constitutional Rights or that prevents the people from suing government agents for violating citizens' civil or fundamental rights during times of war, national disasters, national emergencies, or declarations of martial law, etc. We favor the repeal of the 1933 War Powers and Emergencies Act.


We deem it a violation of the right of private property guaranteed under the Constitution for government to forcibly deprive citizens of their property through taxation or otherwise.

We assert that our 5th Amendment property rights limit the federal power of an eminent domain solely to the purchase of private property at fair market value for legitimate public use, and not for purposes such as urban renewal, environmental protection, or historic preservation.

We maintain that government must be strictly limited in its powers to intrude upon the private property of individual citizens, and that there be no search or seizure of persons, places or things without probable cause of criminal activity, nor without due process.



We favor the advancement of patriotism, vigilance, allegiance, and an awareness of the duties, rights and privileges of citizenship, along with the rights and limitations of government. We favor promoting awareness and understanding of current political threats to our Constitution, national sovereignty and independence, and to our personal rights and freedoms.

We believe that our educational institutions must be founded upon faith in God and upon moral law, and a respect for all religions without advancing or suppressing any. We favor the elimination from our schools of Secular Humanism, which undermines faith in God, religious loyalties and family values, and attempts to eradicate all concepts of right and wrong by claiming there is no God to account to. We favor teaching abstinence from all sexual activity outside the bonds of marriage.


We assert that parents have the fundamental right to choose the type and location of school they deem best for their children. We maintain that parents have the right to inspect or challenge school policy, textbooks, subject matter, and privacy-invading surveys, etc. We encourage parents to take a more active part in their children's education.

We maintain that education is a parental and local responsibility. We support local determination of education standards, curriculum, textbooks, library books, and election of education leaders.

We assert that there are no provisions for state, federal or international involvement in schooling or education found in the Constitution. We favor abolishment of all federal and UN education programs that have a mandatory effect in the United States, and any organizations which usurp parental or local control, and favor the repeal of all legislation for such. We call for the abolishment of the U.S. Department of Education.

Nongovernment Schools

We maintain that returning the control and the financing of education to the localities and families, and opening the system to choice and competition, are the only viable options to guarantee the freedom and upward mobility of our students. We encourage participation in home schools, private or religious schools, charter schools, and public-private partnership schools.

We support English as the official national language, and favor nonfederal funding of bilingual tutors to assist as needed. We favor eliminating from the school curricula all grants, controls, mandates or agendas sponsored or promoted by national or global organizations.


Free Enterprise

We favor terminating government competition with free enterprise, including government ownership, subsidy, bailout, and direct control of businesses. We support divesting the government of its commercial enterprises, and selling them to competitive, American owned private businesses. We oppose wage and price controls, set by government, because they interfere with free enterprise and market-driven competition. We oppose agricultural and business subsidy programs.

We maintain that no services, essential to public need, should be jeopardized by strike or collective bargaining. We favor the elimination of OSHA, which has acted as judge, jury, and prosecutor in violation of the Bill of Rights. We deem their guidelines as advisory only for employers and insurance companies. We favor Right-to-Work laws.


We maintain that there is an urgent need for substantial tax reforms that would eliminate income, property and estate taxes, and taxes on necessities to lighten tax payer burdens and curb wasteful government spending.

We maintain that the Internal Revenue Service has used its powers arbitrarily, punitively and tyrannically to harass and sometimes devastate honest tax payers. We favor the elimination of the IRS and favor the repeal of the 16th Amendment.

Money and Banking

We affirm that the Federal Reserve is a private business, owned primarily by international bankers, operating under the deception of a government entity, which annually extorts, for their personal use, hundreds of billions of dollars in interest on the national debt from the American public with government cooperation.

We believe the power to issue money should be taken from the Federal Reserve (and its banks) and restored to Congress and the people to whom that power rightfully belongs. We favor a total reform of the banking and credit card industry which currently exploits from us an average of 26% of our lifetime earnings in usury or interest.

We favor the repeal of the National Bank Act (Federal Reserve Act), and favor the seizure and audit of the Federal Reserve System, the outlawing of fractional reserve banking, and disavowal of Federal Reserve claims upon us and our properties for the national debt.

We favor investigation into and prosecution of all American banks, corporations, and their owners, etc., who participate in unconstitutional treasonous activities via a global economic system.


Entitlement Programs

While the federal government must honor its commitment to those who have paid into Social Security, health care or welfare, we favor voluntary participation only and a gradual phaseout of those systems.

We favor free enterprise and competition between practitioners and health care providers. We support the people's right to choose any modality of health care.

We maintain that there is no Constitutional authority for federal entitlement programs. We deem these programs as needlessly expensive, ineffective, riddled with fraud and corruption, and which serve to advance socialism. We assert that the responsibility for personal welfare should be assumed first by the individual and family, then by church and other charitable organizations.

Substance Abuse and Gambling

We recognize that alcohol, drugs and gambling are among the chief causes of poverty, broken homes, juvenile crime, political corruption, and wasted manpower in the United States.

We favor legislation which provides stronger deterrents against committing crimes under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. We favor stiff penalties for DUI and other drug and alcohol-related violations. We support the right of local governments to restrain the sale and use of illegal drugs, and to place restrictions on the sale and advertising of alcoholic beverage products.

We consider gambling as a threat to the financial stability of the home. We oppose government sponsorship, involvement in, or promotion of gambling, e.g., lotteries, or subsidization of tribal casinos, etc.


We hold that the safety of law-abiding citizens, and the preservation of their properties and fundamental and God-given rights, takes precedence over the rights of criminals.

We support laws that increase the certainty of apprehension, speedy trial, and fitting punishment for criminal violations. We favor criminals being required to perform useful work to defray the costs of their imprisonment, and, where possible, to provide restitution to their victims. We favor punishment appropriate to the crime. We favor capital punishment when appropriate.

We support the autonomy of local law enforcement. We oppose federalization of crimes which fall under state jurisdiction. We maintain that every citizen now has an elevated responsibility to be more aware, more willing to report suspicious activities, and to be more personally involved in the preservation of rights and freedom. We oppose any government control over personal vigilance.



We favor the dynamic balance between energy development and conservation. We assert that areas mined or explored should be re-groomed, re-planted, or left in as good or better condition. We favor the preservation of our forests by extensive replanting, healthy forest management, and the use and development of new alternatives.

We deem protection of the environment as a function and responsibility falling under state jurisdiction, rather than national or global organizations. We favor the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency, and it's unrealistic and oppressive efforts. We favor the elimination of the Wilderness Act, the federal Endangered Species Act, all federal wetland legislation, and all federal government and international interference in environmental and land matters.

We oppose federal ownership or management of any properties not specified in the Constitution. We call for the repeal of all executive orders and treaties allowing UN control or governance over U.S. natural resources, even for biosphere research purposes.


We favor the development of safe and inexpensive alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar power, and less dependency upon power companies. We support the prudent and efficient use of other natural resources such as coal, shale, oil, oil sands, and agricultural products, for the production of power and synthetic fuels.

We encourage the development of fuel cells for home, automotive, and industrial use, in which the explosive elements of water (hydrogen and oxygen) are used to create energy, and where the byproduct is pure water vapor. We favor abolishing the wasteful and unconstitutional U.S. Department of Energy.

We favor advancement of technologies that would decrease air pollution. We favor incentives for scientific advancement, rather than pollution penalties imposed upon the technology-dependent public. We favor decreasing the demand on foreign oil, through the use of our own reservoirs, capped wells, and sources yet untapped. We favor incentives to advance alternatives superior to oil and gas.


Inspired Document

We believe that the Constitution of the United States was prepared and adopted by men under inspiration from Almighty God. We believe it is a solemn compact created by the people of the states of this nation, which all officers of government, at all levels, are duty-bound by oath to protect and defend. We believe that the separation of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches must be restored and remain well defined. We believe that concentration of power into one branch will destroy the Constitution and human liberties.

We recognize the Constitution, not the government, as the supreme law of the land designed specifically to assist the people in ruling and restricting the government. We reaffirm that the Founders established a representative Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, believing in the rule of law as the best protection of God-given rights against infringement by the rule of man or majority will.

Branches of Government

We consider all laws that delegate legislative authority to regulatory agencies, and other organizations or branches of government, as unconstitutional. We favor repeal of the 17th Amendment that destroyed one of our checks and balances, by transferring the election of senators from the state legislatures to the populace. We oppose congressional legislation in matters rightfully falling under state jurisdiction.

We favor voiding all executive orders that conflict with the Constitution or represent abuse of power. We favor the repeal of the so-called USA Patriot Act, and other legislation, that in any way represents an attack upon state's rights, the Bill of Rights, or the U.S. Constitution.

We favor limiting the courts to their proper function of interpretation and adjudication. We oppose the widespread illegal practice of judicial legislation. We favor Congress utilizing its authority (Article III, section 2) to prohibit the courts from hearing cases it deems outside the scope of federal jurisdiction.

Bill of Rights

We hold that all rights are God-given and intended as inseparable from the people. We therefore favor the restoration of all rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, but trampled upon unconstitutionally by government, including the right to school prayer, Bible study in schools, public posting of the Ten Commandments, ownership of private guns, protection of life for the unborn, and all other rights belonging to the states and the people.

Constitutional Convention

We oppose any attempts for a Constitutional Convention (or Con-Con) for any reason, because of the potential to rewrite the entire Constitution by less than inspired men. We are opposed to any Conference of States that may be used as a veiled Constitutional convention.



We believe that to maintain freedom, our political institutions must be founded upon faith in God and upon moral laws as declared in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. We believe that the function of government is to protect life, liberty, property, and the fundamental and God-given rights of the people, and that anything more than this is usurpation and oppression. We therefore favor a substantial reduction in government size and budget, at all levels except national defense. We also favor exposing and eliminating government promotion of Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, Nazism, and Secular Humanism.

We support a requirement that all government positions, agencies, activities, etc. be held fully accountable to law. We oppose sovereign immunity claims at the federal, state and local level that remove government from accountability. We advocate and promote the supervision of public servants by the people they are elected to represent.


We favor abolishing regional governments, run by appointed bureaucrats, that impose direct federal control on metropolitan areas and undermine state and local sovereignty. We favor the abolishment of all federal regulatory agencies that falsely assume legislative, executive and judicial powers.

States Rights

We assert that the Constitution guarantees all powers, not delegated to the federal government, belong to the states or the people. We maintain that additional federal powers are available only by Constitutional Amendment. It is self-evident that no state or local government can accept funds from the federal government and remain independent in performing their functions. We oppose intrusion of the federal government in areas that rightfully belong to the states. We favor abolishing federal control of all lands, except for necessary forts, military bases, post offices, etc. as enumerated in, but limited by the Constitution. We support the return to the states of all lands unconstitutionally seized by the federal government, and those taken unconstitutionally as tribute in order for that state to join the Union.


We support the right of every citizen to seek public office in accordance with the qualifications and principles set forth in the U.S. Constitution. We oppose unfair ballot access laws that favor the two major parties and discriminate against all other parties. We favor abolishing the Federal Election Commission, and support restoring control of the electoral process at the state and local level. We oppose the use of tax money for financing political campaigns or political party activities. We oppose any amendment to abolish the electoral college, which would destroy another of our checks and balances. We favor criminal prosecution for vote fraud and electronic manipulation of vote tallies.



We favor increasing our military defense budget, technology capabilities, supplies, storage, and manpower sufficient to fight multiple wars against multiple enemies for several consecutive years. However, we oppose any wasteful spending of military funds. We support the withdrawal from any treaty that restricts full development and deployment of an effective and strategic state-of-the-art defense system for land, sea, air, or space.

We support the promotion of well organized or regulated militias (the people), in every state and community, as a natural and needed defense against sudden and inevitable invasions, and against those who would overthrow or pervert our Constitution. We oppose all treasonous efforts to disarm our citizenry of personal firearms, reduce our military budget, close military bases, disarm our missiles, and downsize and weaken America's defense forces, since these efforts weaken our readiness, and guarantee our defeat.

National Security

We are opposed to the current anti-terrorist legislation, the Office of Homeland Security, the USA Patriot Act, the loss of personal freedoms and civil rights, the confiscation of personal firearms, the use of military forces in local and state matters, federal usurpation of state authority and control over the National Guard, the creation of a nationalized police state, and requiring citizens to become spies on each other. We are opposed to destroying Constitutional checks and balances, destroying our Bill of Rights, or granting unconstitutional authority to the executive branch, under the guise and pretense of offering greater national security.

We oppose the surrendering or committing of our military and firepower to the control of any international organization. E.g., a global police force. We oppose allowing UN or foreign military forces over our air space, in our harbors, or on American soil or territories. We oppose the establishment of foreign military bases in the United States.

We declare the Panama Canal giveaway as unconstitutional and illegal, and consider it a risk to national security since both ends of the canal are now under the management of Red Chinese owned businesses. We favor tighter border controls, and enforcement of existing immigration laws.

Foreign Wars

We honor the right of our U.S. forces to refuse to serve under the command of the United Nations or any other foreign entity, or refuse to wear their uniforms or insignias. We honor the patriotic right of our U.S. forces and law enforcement officers to refuse any order or command that conflicts with the Constitution, or their sworn oath, duty, and allegiance to protect and defend America.

We maintain that U.S. forces should not be sent anywhere unless our rights are threatened or seriously menaced, or to assert the legitimate rights of the U.S., or to assist an ally which would likewise come to our aid, if needed. We oppose drafting anyone to fight in an undeclared war. We favor Congressional approval for troop deployment.


Sovereign America

We maintain that true sovereignty lies in the people themselves, as the ultimate source and grantor of government authority. We recognize the states and the people, not Congress, as the true sovereigns over the federal government (an agent of the states), holding all powers, rights, and authorities not granted to the federal government by the Constitution.

We recognize the Constitution of the United States as the supreme and only law over our land. We assert that the United States is, and will remain, a free and independent nation subject to no international laws. The United States is not bound by any unconstitutional treaty.

We favor U.S. withdrawal from any treaty or organization, etc., that infringes upon or threatens the sovereignty and independence of the United States. We favor the ratification of the Bricker Amendment, which would reassert and protect the primacy of the U.S. Constitution.

International Relations

We oppose the concept of Most Favored Nation status, especially when used to obtain favor with regimes whose goals conflict with the vital interests of the United States of America. We oppose any and all efforts by the federal government to regulate and govern other countries and provinces of the world.

We oppose all international trade agreements which diminish America's economic self-sufficiency, sovereignty or independence, or exports our jobs. We support the withdrawal of funding and support of the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the repeal of Fast Track authority given to the President.

Global Government

We reaffirm to the world our declaration of permanent independence and sovereignty as a free nation, and our unalterable opposition to the current movement toward a one world government or new world order. We assert that the casualties of implementing the new world order will be the loss of our national sovereignty and independence, the permanent surrender of our God-given rights and freedoms, the end of personal sovereignty and agency, and a life of slavery and oppression under tyrants and despots.

We favor the immediate withdrawal of the U.S. from the UN, and the immediate removal of all UN influence from the U.S. We oppose participation in a global army, global taxation, international criminal courts, and all forms of tyranny, foreign or domestic.